Amun Ka El – Master Instructor

Learning martial arts increases confidence and mental stamina which has a very positive effects on the training students mind that can have positive outcomes on the person’s life.  Not forgetting the added bonus of a full body workout, increased flexibility, motor skills and coordination improves.

Master Amun Ka El is enthusiastic and dedicated to helping young people believe in themselves and being the very best they can be,  He is Committed To Implement Consistent teaching of Martial Arts plus Circle Mentoring Talks which Promotes Positive Outcomes on young people’s life’s for their Mental, Physical and Spiritual Growth, for Discipline, Confidence building, Respect, Morals and Values.

This is of great importance in Our Society in the role (As an Instructor to lead by Example) thus Enhance Student’s Character for Independent Life and Social Skills,  He’s Enthusiastic and Dedicated to Helping Students to believe in themselves and being the very Best they can to reach their full Potential.

*   Foster Carer of 26 years experience and still works with young people as a Mentor, Counselling,  Motivational speaker.

*  Master: 5th Dan B.B   (Dave Turton 10th Dan)
(A.S.M.A.A-SDF) All Styles Martial Arts Association – Self Defence Federation
*  Choi Kwang Do 1st ILL Dan B.B.  (G.M.K.J.C.)  (Grand Master Choi)

*  Ptah Khi Holistic Health 3rd Dan B.B.  (Degree With Honours)

*  Pro-Precision Kick Boxing 1st Dan B.B.  (Master Wayne Hill)

* Tai-Chi Chuan/Chi–Kung (Holistic Health) 1st Dan B.B.
Tai-Chi U.K. & Gongfu Karate  (Master, Michael Jaques)  (ASS-BGKA)

*  I Chi-Chun, 18 Golden Classics Shaolin Kung Fu School.
​   At Present Purple Belt – Working Towards B.B. In 2022   (Grand Master Mo)

*  Sam Dan: 3rd Dan B.B. CCS

*  Qualified Rei – Qi / Crystal Clinician Level 3


* Respect each student’s right to privacy and confidentiality.
* Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every individual.
* Treat all students equally regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion  and spiritual beliefs.

* Respect the talent, developmental stage and goals of each individual student.
* Help all students to reach their full potential.
* Improve students’ self-worth and confidence.

* Encourage development of strong, healthy and resilient and joyful spirit.
* Ensure the student’s time spent in class is a positive experience.
* All students are deserving of equal attention and opportunities.

* Provide a safe and secure environment for all students training.
* Ensure training equipment and facilities meet safety standards.
* Equipment, rules and the environment need to be appropriate for the age and ability of the students.

* Express concern and caution towards students who suffer from any form of injuries/ incapacities.
* Provide a modified individualised training program where appropriate.
* Only allow students to grade when they demonstrate the full syllabus correctly according to their ability.

* Allow further participation in training only when appropriate.
* Seek medical advice when required.
* Maintain the same interest, guidance and support towards students with impaired capacities.

* Be a positive role model for all students well-being.
* Be fair, considerate and honest with students.
* Be professional in and accept responsibility for their actions.

* Language, manner, punctuality, preparation and presentation should display high standards.
* Display control, respect, dignity and professionalism to all involved including coaches, officials, administrators, the media, parents and spectators.

* Encourage students to demonstrate the same qualities.
* Refrain from any form of personal abuse/ harassments towards students.
* This includes verbal, physical and emotional abuse.

* Be aware of any forms of abuse directed towards students or parents from
other sources whilst under the care of CCHA.
* Any physical contact with students / parents should be professional at all times.

* Appropriate and necessary to the situation and the students’ skill development only.
* Make a commitment to providing the highest quality service to students.
* Maintain or improve current qualifications and accreditation.

* Seek continual improvement through performance appraisal and on-going coach education.
* Provide a training program that is planned and sequential.
* Maintain appropriate records.

* Operate within the rules and spirit of CCHA.
* The guidelines governing the Academy should be followed at all times.

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